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Here Now, New Visuals for 4 MARTA Transit Developments

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[A rendering of the Edgewood/Candler Park proposal. All images via MARTA.]

MARTA has launched a new website called coUrbanize to allow Atlantans to track the progress of the new transit-oriented developments (TODs) envisioned across the system. At the moment, four stations have concrete plans for massive new mixed-use developments. Parking lots and vacant land around Avondale, Brookhaven, Chamblee and Edgewood/Candler Park stations will gain offices, retail, residential, civic buildings and even park space. The Edgewood/Candler Park project is expected to break ground first; Columbia Ventures filed for permits last fall to start building along La France Street, on the south side of the station. The visuals demonstrate just how transformative these projects can be.

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