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All Hail West End, Your 2015 Curbed Cup Champion!

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Back in the Curbed Cup 2014 tournament, West End started out well by stomping past Decatur, only to be booted in the second round by eventual champion Reynoldstown. Well, that early exit seems to have lit a fire under West End this year.

This burgeoning, historic community west of downtown approached the 2015 tourney with a vengeance, racking up far more nominations than other Atlanta competitors en route to a No. 1 seed — and then the most collective votes in the history of the local Curbed Cup! The Finals voting turnout was astonishing, and it thrust West End into that rarified air of being "Neighborhood of the Year" for 2015.

West End (and everyone pulling for it) chalked almost 6,000 votes to trounce 2013 Curbed Cup champion Kirkwood in the tourney's last match, etching itself into history as the first neighborhood west of Peachtree Street to take home the prestigious fake trophy. Earlier, West End dispatched East Atlanta in the first round, bounced downtown in the second and then claimed revenge by beating Reynoldstown.

So let's hear it for West End, your reigning Curbed Cup champion for the rest of 2016 (at least)! A heartfelt thanks to all Atlanta participants.