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Historic Shutze Mansion to Become $2.2 Million Teardown?

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Noted local architect Philip Trammell Shutze made a name for himself as one of the most prolific classical architects of the 20th Century. He left his mark on the city with a multitude of buildings, including the Swan House, the Temple on Peachtree Street, the Academy of Medicine and Grady High School. Among the homes designed by Shutze is this 4,600-square-foot mansion on Tuxedo Road; built in 1937, it isn't one of Shutze's most famous, or most elegant, though sited elegantly on 2.6 acres, it still makes quite an impression. But, maybe, not for long.

According to multiple sources, demolition could be in store for the historic home, with the owner applying for permits to carry out the work last week. The current owner, who bought the home for $2.2 million back in November, filed for permission to tear it down on Dec. 31.

That new owner, Dallas Clement, happens to be the Executive VP and CFO of Cox Automotive — the same Cox of the AJC and WSB — so it's likely he'll be able to throw some weight around. Atlanta has a penchant for demolition, of course, but preservationists in the city are vowing to fight for this home's survival. We'll see if 2016 becomes the year of preservation.