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APS Dispute with Beltline Finally Resolved. Maybe.

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It's a New Year's miracle! The longstanding squabble for the ages between the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Public School system over a payment dating back to a 2005 contract has officially been resolved, kinda. The lingering dispute, which boiled over more than 18 months ago now, stalled progress on the Beltline throughout 2015 after making one esteemed list of top Debacles, Fiascos and Controversies for 2014. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the city paid APS $9 million last week, but that may not prove to be enough to quell all the discontent.

While the move marks progress toward a resolution, stakeholders warn that the fight isn't quite over. Totals for the amount due differ, depending on interpretation of the contract, and it seems there is still money outstanding. The $9 million payment also left questions unanswered, however. And given the history of the dispute, this is undoubtedly not the last we will hear of this schoolyard scuffle.

After all, this isn't the first time it looked like progress had been made. But with one major payment in the bank, let's hope that this New Year offers a real resolution.

· Atlanta puts $9M toward ending tax dispute with APS [Atlanta Business Chronicle]