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In Oakhurst, this Blown-Out Bungalow Sits Idle at $859K

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Sure, it's the slow season for selling houses around Atlanta, especially with temperatures dipping to the relative tundra of 46 degrees. But Oakhurst is hot, and the inventive renovation and expansion of this 1910 bungalow should qualify as beautiful by most any standards. Yet it's languished on the market for nearly two months. You'll find this five-bedroom, 3,300-square-footer a couple of blocks from the East Lake MARTA Station and eateries along College Avenue, with a price tag of $859,900 that hasn't budged. Few would expect the "garport" and screened-porch party going on around back by looking at the front. The master suite and chef's kitchen are elegant, the butler's pantry is ready to party, and the laundry room could almost be a standalone apartment. The price isn't chump change, but it's not atypical of larger houses with choice Decatur addresses. So what gives?

· 305 E. Lake Drive []