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Looking to Retire in Atlanta, Floridian Seeks Local Advice

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Word of Atlanta's general awesomeness is getting out, y'all. A resurgent economy and growing supply of living options (for renters, at least) is helping the city regain the famed magnetism it enjoyed in the '80s, '90s and early aughts — except this time, as indicated by our New Voices Atlanta series last year, the urban core is a special kind of magnetic. Now, a South Floridian named Guillermo wants in on the action. He and his wife have read much about Atlanta's intown renaissance and plan to buck the trend — leaving Florida to retire in Atlanta. In advance of his first scouting trip to ATL neighborhoods, Guillermo sent an earnest letter this week, asking for expert advice. But instead of sharing a few biased in-house opinions, we figured we'd open the floor and let readers lend Guillermo a whole bundle of biased advice. See the future ATLien's letter after the jump, and please extend a warm, informational Peach State welcome in the comments section.


I will be driving into Atlanta this Friday. I plan to stay for the weekend. I have heard and read a great deal about the developing neighborhoods of urban Atlanta, and I'd like to drive around and check things out.

My wife and I live in South Florida but want to retire in Atlanta. Most people say that I am crazy (might be true), but I want to live in a city where I can walk, talk to intelligent people and have plenty of entertainment options. I don't want to rely on my car anymore. I don't need a big place, just one large enough for the two of us and maybe an extra bedroom for guests ... oh, and maybe a terrace/patio large enough to lounge and cast my eyes on something pretty.

This will be the first of many visits to survey my eventual retirement spot. Which neighborhoods should I visit?

Thank you, in advance.

Guillermo G.

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