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$899K French-Normandy Beauty in Buckhead Lands Contract

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It didn't take long for this French Normandy-style residence off Moores Mill Road to be claimed from the market like a free, fresh baguette. And why wouldn't it? Granted, the listing price of $899,000 won't exactly spill from couch cushions, but this is more than 3,800 square feet of unique, airy elegance in Buckhead, with the coveted Jackson Elementary School nearby. It has exposed wooden beams in all the right places, above so many oak hardwoods, and a lovely loft-style living room with a second-story space for … something. There's nary a trace of 1975 left in this renovated house (though updating a couple of the bathrooms wouldn't hurt). No one's going to get lost in the kitchen, and there's a detached two-car carport (or a garport in Buckhead!?) in lieu of a garage, but that wasn't enough to dim the special European luster for buyers, apparently. It last sold for $482,000 back in 2012, so either some extensive renovations happened between then and now, or that le salaud of a Great Recession was worse than previously thought.

· 3180 Rilman Road NW []