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Huff Post: Atlanta's a Leader in Sustainability Initiatives

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When outsiders think of Atlanta, unflattering images often leap to mind, including endless seas of gridlock, underperforming sports franchises and Honey Boo Boo in a Confederate-flag tutu, scarfing MoonPies atop Stone Mountain. But Atlanta as a global leader in climate-change initiatives? It's true, posits one Huffington Post blogger this week. Laura Turner Seydel, chair of The Captain Planet Foundation, attended the recent 2015 Paris Climate Conference and writes on Huff Post's Green page that Mayor Kasim Reed "emerged as a critical voice at the Paris talks as Atlanta is one of the top-tier sustainable cities in the U.S."

Granted, Seydel is a native Atlantan (Ted Turner's daughter, in fact) and appears to have a soft spot for The City in a Forest and Hizzoner's track record for sustainability. But it's cool that she shines a national light on "Atlanta's key sustainability initiatives" that include the Bellwood Quarry's potential to increase water supply, a Solar Atlanta initiative "that will install solar panels on 28 fire stations and recreation centers while aiming to reduce energy usage at city buildings" and of course the Atlanta Beltline, which Seydel calls "a cornerstone sustainability initiative that's setting a national standard for transformative investment, sustainable growth and equitable development."

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