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Historic Downtown Atlanta to Get Interactive Art Museum

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For the last couple of years, real-estate action has been heating up in downtown Atlanta — from major Georgia State University expansions, new world-class tourist attractions and rebirths of landmarks like the Flatiron Building — and with the new year, there's more positive news in store. What Now Atlanta reports that the Interact Art Museum, which features "Original Contemporary and Urban Interact-Art" will be setting up shop in space that formerly housed the residential fitness center for the Healey Building. While the loss of a gym may jeopardize a few New Year's resolutions, the announcement comes as another score for downtown.

Plans call for the museum to front Forsyth Street in the heart of downtown's Fairlie-Poplar Historic District. The 6,800-square-foot space will be the first dedicated location for the museum, which until now has only existed as a pop-up. An array of shops also occupy the three stories of retail space in the historic building, but with 13 spaces still available, there's plenty of room for growth, should downtown's mojo keep going.

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