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Photos: Checking in With a Howell Mill Road Mega-Build

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[Photos by Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta, unless otherwise noted.]

For 2016, Curbed Atlanta's long-running Visual Journeys series will take occasional detours we're calling "Key Corridors." Expect photo-driven updates of the city's most swiftly developing streets, boulevards, roads, parkways, drives, etc. Let's begin northwest of Midtown, on dynamic Howell Mill Road, at an evolving mixed-use development whose scale is impressive. Neighboring the Atlanta Food Truck Park and visible from Interstate 75, the Berkshire Howell Mill apartments are part of a larger eight-acre mixed-use project that will include boutique shops and restaurants. The apartments carry the tagline "Where Southern Lifestyle Meets Westside Attitude" and offer units as small as 424 square feet — up to two-bedroom pads with 1,657 square feet. Whether all this qualifies as "Southern Lifestyle" is debatable, but the amenities and interiors do look rather slick.

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