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With $5 Million in Play, Braves Bridge Could be a Go

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Good news for the three Braves fans left after this past season: The on-again/off-again bridge to carry fans from parking lots over Interstate 285 to SunTrust Field seems to be on-again, again. The Cumberland CID has voted to provide $5 million toward the construction of the bridge, according to the AJC, offering a glimmer of hope that the bridge will actually be built.

First announced in 2014 after plans for SunTrust Park were revealed, the bridge was considered a vital piece of infrastructure to make it safe for visitors to get to the stadium. By the fall of 2015, funding prospects looked bleak, however, and the future of the bridge was thrown into doubt. But now, thanks to the agreement, the CID will provide two payments of $2.5 million in 2018 and 2019, which still leaves questions about how the county will pay for the bridge to be built before the opening of the stadium, thereby bridging (get it?) the funding gap between the CID contribution and the bridge's final cost, which is yet to be determined.

But hey, at least Bravos adherents won't be playing a lethal version of Frogger en route to the ballpark.

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