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Sweet Auburn student housing project moving forward

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Proposed more than two years ago, the development could bring life to former parking lot

A long-vacant street corner in Sweet Auburn, currently occupied by a parking lot, could soon be bustling with activity.

Developer Integral Group has filed permits to construct a multi-family student housing building with street level retail, according to BisNow. The permit application is listed as a refile of a project first permitted more than two years ago.

Revealed back in mid-2014, the scope originally included 94 student housing units atop 4,000 square feet of retail space. Slated to cost around $9 million, the project never moved forward after it was initially permitted.

If the project moves forward, it would join the growing list of investments to the eastern edge of downtown, adjacent to the streetcar line and Georgia State University.

The University has drawn a slew of residential development catering to students. Earlier this year, approximately 150 units were delivered at 200 Edgewood Avenue, and a facility with more than 600 beds is slated for a block north of the Integral site.

With more residents and less surface parking lots, downtown Atlanta is finally growing up.