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Turning the Chattahoochee River into Atlanta's greatest amenity

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Group advocates for embracing Atlanta’s waterway to create an amenity like the Beltline

The Chattahoochee River and a network of countless creeks criss-cross the Atlanta metro. While many in the metro cross the waterways every day, it is an often neglected aspect of city life.

But advocacy group Chattahoochee Now is pushing for embracing the riparian resources, according to WABE. The group has compiled a document, "Vision 53," about how 53 miles of riverfront can be leveraged to create a public amenity — not unlike the Beltline — out of a forgotten part of Atlanta.

Using examples of other cities that have transformed urban waterways, the report lays out ambitions of recapturing the riverfront, making it accessible for recreation rather than industry.

The publication stems from a partnership formed with Beltline visionary Ryan Gravel and support from a wide array of visionary groups which have furthered the cause of trails, paths, and public spaces in Atlanta. And the idea has a lot of civic support as well.

Tim Keane, planing commissioner for the city, is quoted in the report, advocating for the amenity:

As exciting as the plan is, the goal of creating 53 miles of publicly accessible amenities is ambitious, to say the least. Does the city have enough resources, and outdoor advocates, to take on the Chattahoochee as we still continue to tackle the Beltline?