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‘Pulitzer Prize House’ hits the market in Midtown

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Luxurious, century-old home with ties to famous newspapermen listed at $1.19M

A nearly 100-year-old Midtown home brimming with local history just hit the market over the weekend.

Listed at $1.19 million, this four bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom dwelling has been home to two prominent southern journalists: Former Atlanta Constitution Editor and Publisher Ralph McGill and Columbus Enquirer-Sun Owner Julian Harris (son of Uncle Remus author and former Wren’s Nest owner Joel Chandler Harris).

According to the listing, the home is known as the "Pulitzer Prize House" for this very reason. Also billed as "an oasis in the middle of the city," the dwelling does indeed have some rather swanky and stylish details, inside and out.

Specifically: large entertaining areas in the living and dining rooms, a rear sun porch overlooking the backyard with a wall of french doors, large master suite with walk-in closet upstairs, master bath with separate tub and shower illuminated by skylight, and last but not least: garage parking.

For being nearly a century old the home looks remarkably clean. It makes one wonder how they scrubbed off all that grimy newsprint.