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Cheshire Bridge demolition means fewer strippers, less lasagna, more apartments

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Accent 2050, Accent Morningside, bringing almost 450 apartments to the neighborhood

Cheshire Bridge Road has been a hodgepodge of mom-and-pop businesses and adult-themed venues for decades, coexisting between Buckhead and Midtown. But with development pressure from both sides, days could be numbered for the corridor's famed seediness. Or at least a significant part of it.

For more than a year, plans have been in place for two "Accent" apartment projects, carrying on the trend started by Modera Morningside. But while many may see the corridor's cleansing as a good thing, there are those who fear the street could be losing its unique character.

According to Tomorrow’s News Today, demolition of two long-time Cheshire Bridge institutions — Alfredo’s and the Doll House — is paving the way for Westplan Investors to construct nearly 450 apartments. While the institutions serve up vastly different offerings — chicken parmigiana vs. lap dances — the developments replacing them will be strikingly similar.

On the site of the former strip club, Accent 2050 will bring 198 apartments to the rather diminutive 2.4-acre site. While across the street, on the site of the former Italian restaurant and a few other parcels, 239 apartments will rise on 7.4 acres for Accent Morningside.

Initial numbers indicate that rent prices for the new buildings will average $1,500 per month, on par with new apartments in the neighborhood. Look for delivery of the first units by next summer.

Doll House

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