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Female artists to fill Atlanta's Moreland underpass with street murals

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Local organizations commissioning work from more than 20 women

Where many saw an underpass, two local women saw a blank slate brimming with opportunity.

Atlanta Intown reports that artist Lauren Stumberg and art-enthusiast Carly Berg have put together the Moreland Mural Project, which aims to commission a ton of art to fill the exceedingly dull walls of the underpass in Little Five Points.

According to a website detailing the initiative, the project is sponsored by C4 Atlanta — a nonprofit arts service organization.

"We’ve gathered 20+ local female artists to think greatly about a mural design concept," a news item on the site reads. "[This] is a neighborhood-driven initiative whose mission is to cultivate community relationships by creating vibrant public spaces."

It’s part of a partnership between the Little Five Points Community and Little Five Arts Alive.

Over the summer, the organizations held a creative event for the public in Little Five Points’ Findley Plaza in which the women artists worked alongside community members to brainstorm and sketch ideas.

According to Intown Atlanta’s interview with the women, the project could come together in spring 2017.