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Atlanta rents have DECREASED by 4 percent, report says

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That’d be good for the nation’s 10th largest rent cut recently

Throughout 2016, various real estate studies have dueled over the notion of affordability when it comes to Atlanta apartments.

As one report says luxury rentals have ballooned by 867 percent recently (gasp!), another points out that rent money in Atlanta goes twice as far as in Los Angeles — and three times that of Boston (hurrah!).

So it becomes a matter of angles. And perspective.

But it’s hard to misconstrue straight-up decreases in cost, which is where apartment search site ABODO says rents in Atlanta are heading right now.

According to a new report on nationwide rental rates, ABODO data show that Atlanta (probably metro Atlanta) experienced a 4-percent cut in rent prices in the past month alone, which ranked at No. 10 in the United States.

Competitors such as Charlotte, Denver, Minneapolis, and especially Miami (a 9 percent increase in the same timespan) are trending in the opposite direction, ABODO found.

The study points to a Gallup poll from April — which may or may not be relevant to Atlanta — showing that Americans are more worried in 2016 about financial issues than they were in 2015. Concerns included rent, mortgage, or other housing costs.

Here’s the list in full: