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Midcentury Modern in Stone Mountain is up for grabs at $250K

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MCM zealots rejoice: Home has 2,500 square feet, cool fireplace, koi pond, “soaring ceilings”

For those seeking a cool midcentury modern without a half-million to drop on an ITP offering, there’s this 2,500-square-foot Stone Mountain dwelling.

Listed at $249,900, this too-cool customer was built in 1956 and has three bedrooms and two and 1/2 bathrooms.

Highlights: a Koi pond beside the front door; living room and dining rooms with "soaring ceilings;" a very slick fireplace; walls of glass overlooking the backyard; and the newly renovated kitchen area.

Boasts the listing: "The moment you walk in the front door, you’ll know this was meant to be your home."

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but it sure does look exceptional for the price. Google says it's about 20 minutes from downtown without traffic.

So what say you, MCM zealots of ATL: Worth the drive?