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Near downtown Atlanta's Connector, major renovations forge ahead

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Baltimore Block is being rehabbed as new renderings circulate for the old Rosser building

Downtown’s storied Baltimore Block is getting a major overhaul in preparation for a relaunch of an office property that incorporates Atlanta’s oldest apartment building.

The property includes a modern addition, featuring more than 38,000 square feet of available office space, with another 11,000 square feet in the historic townhomes, which date back to 1885.

Work is underway to modernize the facility and bring a new dining option to the site. A look inside the windows of the building, and a dumpster full of construction debris, hints at a pretty substantial renovation.

The property is listed by Cushman & Wakefield, but little information is available right now beyond what's on the building’s new website. We've reached out to the leasing team and will provide updates if they come.

Baltimore Block is adjacent to the former Rosser building, which last year was rumored to be heading toward a hotel conversion. While that deal seems to have fallen flat, a flier shows that the building is back on the market as a possible hotel or medical office building, hinting at its potential.

With things changing quickly in the neighborhood, it wouldn’t be surprising for Baltimore Block to be setting the trend.