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Sweet Auburn townhomes with sweeping views debut in $620Ks

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First available unit at “The Edge on Lucy Street” billed as “architectural icon”

This modern townhome project a few blocks south of Edgewood Avenue, which first blipped the radar as "The Edge on Lucy Street" a year ago, is being billed as an architectural showstopper with "understated opulence." Unsurprisingly, these four units are more expensive than they were back in late 2015.

Standing four stories (with view-rific rooftop decks) between downtown and Boulevard, these are the latest semidetached dwellings to debut in the southern reaches of the Old Fourth Ward and Sweet Auburn.

This particular unit, listed last week at $625,000, is full of wide-open spaces and sleek, non-Depot finishes that don’t smack as cliche. With three bedrooms and four and 12 bathrooms, it counts 2,373 square feet, a two-car garage, and at least three outdoor spaces.

The listing agent (possibly between tokes) instructs potential buyers to: "Let the natural light flood in, surround yourself in calming influences, and experience harmony and happiness."

Kumbaya aside, it’s worth noting that much larger units (2,700-square-feet-ish) were available for cheaper ($615,000-ish) upon the project’s unveiling less than 12 months ago. But such is the way of this market.

This YouTube flyover video of the property illustrates how sweeping the views really are — and how much vacant land surrounds the townhomes. So smart money might bank on the burgeoning location more than the skyline vistas.