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Pinewood Forrest bringing boutique hotel to metro Atlanta south

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The 234-acre mixed-use complex could be a game-changer for Atlanta's southern fringes

Pinewood Forrest, a massive mixed-use development in Fayetteville, is quickly redefining growth on the south side of Atlanta.

Anchored by the largest movie studio in the country outside of Los Angeles — Pinewood Studios —- the 234-acre complex is slated to be a melange of residential offerings, offices, retail space, and now a cool lodge. According to a press release, work has commenced on a 95-room boutique hotel.

Plans call for the Hay Creek-operated property to include upscale amenities such as a spa, restaurant, and suites catering to "celebrity guests" filming at the movie studios.

The hotel is just a small part of the large, walkable master-planned community, which would be knitted together by 15 miles of trails and more than 100 acres of public greenspace, according to Atlanta magazine. Different "districts" will make up the development, with homes of all types in the disparate Craft, Garden, Culinary, and Woodlands sections. The large retail spaces will be in an area called Village Square.

Call it drive-to urbanism or lipsticked sub-urbanism, but the community in and of itself certainly looks convenient in theory:

Even if all goes as planned, it'll be years before the entire development is built out, but the hotel is slated for completion in 2018.