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Midtown's storied Spring Hill Mortuary is safe from an untimely death

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Built in 1928, the facility has seen a lot of changes in Midtown but should be around for generations more

For almost 90 years, H.M Patterson & Sons Funeral Home has operated from Spring Hill Mortuary (or Chapel) in Midtown Atlanta on Spring Street, just north of 10th Street.

Even as the city has grown up around it, with changes of late coming in the form of glassy high-rises, the building has stood as a classical example of old Midtown.

Designed by noted architect Philip Trammell Shutze — he of the Swan House, the Academy of Medicine, and many houses of worship around Atlanta — the building is beloved by many preservationists and everyday Atlantans.

Listed for sale earlier this year, Spring Hill was feared by many to be the next victim of Midtown's building boom.

Inherit Georgia recently ran a tour of the building, highlighting its many incredible design elements. And news from that tour indicates that the building is no longer for sale and will be preserved, with renovations now slated to restore the chapel.

The news should come as a major relief for those who feared the worst for the facility. While little information is available as to specifics, rest assured that — at least for now — the Spring Hill Mortuary will live on in today's Midtown.