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Atlanta, it's time for Real Estate Deathmatch: craftsman bungalow edition!

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Midtown meets Peachtree Hills in no-holds-barred brawl

In their construction, craftsman homes are known for simplicity, handiwork, and often the use of natural materials.

Little known fact: They can scrap too.

Today, two similarly priced Craftsman bungalows in highly desirable neighborhoods square up for the latest installment of Real Estate Deathmatch! (echo, echo, echo, echo)

In the blue corner, hailing from Midtown and boasting four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 1,979 square feet, it’s 557 Seal Place NE (below).

In the listing’s nearly-ALL CAPS description of this dwelling, the agent specifically mention its custom cabinetry renovations, "soaring ceilings," abundant amounts of natural light, double-sided fireplace with original mantels (very cool), and a brick patio out back with fenced yard. The price: $780,000.


And, in the red corner, from Peachtree Hills, this craftsman has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2,540 square feet (significantly outsizing its opponent), it’s 68 Peachtree Hills Ave. (below).

Featuring fully updated kitchens and bathrooms and an open floor plan, this craftsman has a second story with full bathroom and kitchenette. Outside, there’s an "over-sized" deck, stone patio, with a fenced backyard.

The price: a significantly cheaper $724,900.

Both dwellings swagger from respective corners. They touch gloves.

*ding, ding

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  • 557 Seal Place NE [Keller Williams]
  • 68 Peachtree Hills Ave. [Beacham & Company]