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Behold Atlanta’s Top 5 spookiest houses for sale ... if you dare

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View some of the city's most frightfully dilapidated dwellings. But are these ghoulishly good deals?

Remember that old house in your neighborhood — the one with the busted windows, the overgrown hedges, and gutters that hadn’t been cleaned in ages?

Well, what’s Halloween without a spooky old house?

Atlanta's beginning to feel festive, so let's take an (online) tour of the most frightfully dilapidated dwellings for sale right now in this city. These homes (below) could represent cheap and promising opportunities — or investments where buyers pay the ultimate price.

Given the context, do these properties stand a chance of resurrection? Or should they be left to linger in the afterlife?

  1. 716 Betsy Ave. SW: $29,945. Billed as a "bungalow style home convenient to the Beltline," the prospective homebuyer for this Florida Heights dwelling featuring three bedrooms, one bathroom, and 500 square feet should keep an open mind to the wonders of renovation (or demolition).


2. 454 Rockwell St. SW; $24,900. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom, 700-square-foot home in Pittsburgh looks like it could have maybe been a church in a past life — a very tiny one. The listing specifically mentions the owners won't sell to investors. It's renovation only for this property. High-five to that.


3. 785 Coleman St. SW: $14,900. Located in Pittsburgh, this place has one bedroom, one bathroom, and about 600 square feet. It's also suffered all manner of abuse, it seems, including unwieldy fireplace fires and some gutting inside.


4. 1396 Graymont Drive SW: $14,000. This Venetian Hills home is described as an "investment opportunity" and "total fixer upper." They ain't kidding — it needs some work. The dwelling has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and 900 square feet.


5. 3800 Collier Drive NW: $18,360. This 1930s cottage "on an old wooded lot" has a detached garage that neighborhood kids might likely dare one another to enter as a rite of passage. The home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and nearly 1,000 square feet. It's located in Old Gordon.