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Midtown site bordering IKEA, Atlantic Station to become office development

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Once slated to be filled with apartments, the IKEA-adjacent site will now be business-focused

A new office and retail-focused development could soon be coming to the Westside, adjacent to Atlantic Station.

The site, bounded by Northside Drive and 17th Street, sits just north of the railroad tracks that run behind IKEA.

BisNow reports that sources indicate the 12.5-acre mixed-use development will break the mold, featuring office rather than the ubiquitous multi-family spaces of similar developments across the metro.

Plans call for the property — once slated for Fuqua’s "Northside and 17th" — to be transformed by Ardent for a "retail and office" focused venture. But beyond that, little information is available.

If those plans pan out, this could prove to be another example of changing development patterns, with multifamily falling out of favor over office-centric development, in some cases. Such as Murder Kroger's soon-to-launch replacement, 725 Ponce.