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‘Landmark’ Decatur Victorian once owned by Coca-Cola chemist wants $739K

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It’s a charmer on a corner lot

A stone’s throw from Agnes Scott College in Decatur’s Winnona Park, this circa-1905, relatively subdued Victorian is described in marketing materials as a "historic landmark" that once was home to a Coca-Cola chemist named Dr. King.

Everyone knows Coke’s two main ingredients in the early days were caffeine and cocaine, and we’re not implying that this house played host to some seriously raging parties, but it’s possible. (Actually, Coca-Cola makers supposedly subtracted the blow from the recipe a couple of years before this four-bedroom was built).

In any case, this 2,400-square-foot charmer hasn’t traded since 1994, and it’s clearly been lovingly cared for. From the haint-blue porch ceiling to the stained glass and vintage 12-foot ceilings, it probably checks a lot of boxes for ITP adherents of traditional, Old South design. As such, it features what could be the most rustic dining table in Atlanta.

The clawfoot tub is appropriate, and the heart-pine hardwoods throughout just ache with character, but ornate flourishes around fireplaces and the stove seem almost Roman, and randomly so.

Welcome surprises include the little custom library, the backyard’s sheer size, and what’s described as an Old Lake Burton-style teen suite. Very rustic. Not pictured is the blank-slate attic, which apparently has 18-foot ceilings and massive potential.

Asking price: $739,000.