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Midtown apartment tower near Arts Center barrels ahead

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The AMLI tower is slated to bring more than 350 units to West Peachtree

Work is plowing ahead on a high-rise apartment tower on West Peachtree Street at 15th Street — one of several rising towers on the Midtown landscape at the moment.

AMLI Arts Center, as the project is known, will bring 351 apartments to the site across the street from Arts Center MARTA station.

While permits were issued more than a year ago, it has taken a long time for the building to go vertical. The site was complicated by existing infrastructure and the preparation for the parcel to the north of the building to become the future 15th Street extension between West Peachtree and Spring streets. Eventually, the road will be extended all the way west to Williams Street.

Now that concrete is heading skyward (it's several stories tall right now), quick work is being made of the construction phase. Windows are already being installed on the lower floors.

While the project was originally supposed to be delivered this past summer, it's now looking like it'll be late next year before things wrap up. But being perched on a hill, with roughly 30 stories, it should be a prominent piece of the skyline in this section of town.