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Next to Krog Street Market, big changes afoot in Inman Park

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Sale pending on series of four Krog Street buildings

A family metalworking shop in business on Krog Street for more than 50 years is bowing out for what could be a transformative redevelopment on the eastern flank of Inman Park.

Next door to Krog Street Market, Jenkins Metal & Supply Co. has shuttered and is in the process of vacating four buildings in what’s become a bustling intown corridor.

The properties in question extend from a brick structure across the street from Stove Works to a smaller mural-covered building at Edgewood Avenue, which is historically protected, a representative with Jenkins Metal told Curbed Atlanta this week.

A company is under contact on all four buildings with hopes of closing in April.

The Jenkins Metal rep couldn’t recall the buyer’s name off hand in a phone interview Monday, but he said the most recent plans call for turning the buildings into office spaces and possibly other uses. In the meantime, the buildings are being cleaned out.

The metalworking business closed three months ago, with no plans to reopen elsewhere in Atlanta.

We’d caught wind earlier this year — but weren’t able to substantiate — that a deal involving Atlanta Hawks players was in the works for the property. The Jenkins Metal rep said that deal was indeed real but ultimately fell through.

Here’s a look at the buildings in question, in order: