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Dunwoody’s Brook Run Theater demo vs. reuse equals drama

Long-abandoned Dunwoody venue slated for demolition, but upset residents are putting money where their mouths are

Brook Run Park in Dunwoody is far more than just a community greenspace. The largest park in the DeKalb County city — at 102 acres — it features a range of recreational offerings including a dog park, skate park, community garden, and even a theater.

However, the 50-year-old showplace hasn’t been operational in decades and is in a state of decay, prompting safety concerns.

Now, the city's in the process of demolishing the facility, despite the protests of the mayor, the arts community, and preservationists, according to the AJC. The drama came to a head earlier this week, with those against demolition bringing theatrics of their own to a city council meeting.

More than two dozen community members presented checks to the president of Brook Run Conservancy in front of the city council, according to Reporter Newspapers, with the goal of pushing the council to explore further the creation of a community theater from the space.

The move came in response to an earlier challenge by a councilmember for the community to self-fund the renovation of the theater if they wanted it.

While donations were just as much about showmanship as fundraising, the tactic netted $114,000 for the cause.

But with demolition crews slated to move in as early as this week, the future of the theater is still very much in question.

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