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Gwinnett County permits world’s tallest skyscraper... theoretically

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New rule would allow for unlimited height around Gwinnett Place Mall

Gwinnett County, long a bastion of sprawling suburbia, is now paving the way for the world’s tallest building.

At least, in theory.

The AJC reports that the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners abolished height restrictions for development around Gwinnett Place Mall. An old rule limited buildings in the area to 25 stories, but in the interest of spurring investment, the limit was removed.

Theoretically, the move opens the door to soaring high-rise towers akin to the Burj Khalifa — currently the world’s tallest building.

But don’t expect to see any mile-high skyscrapers in Gwinnett any time soon. The economic realities of building tall, coupled with the location, mean it's unlikely any development beyond 25 to 30 stories would even be feasible.

Still, it’s fun to dream. Just think ... the Burj Gwinnettia. Or the Burj 'Burbs.