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Midtown Atlanta reno fails to sell, becomes $5,500/month rental home

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Location four blocks from Piedmont Park couldn’t summon deal

When this handsome reimagining of a 1920s bungalow hit the market in April for $1.1 million, the agent errantly predicted it would not last long at that price. Now, to use the political buzzword of the moment, its sellers have pivoted.

This old house is now a rental. At $5,500 per month. Or roughly the going rate of Avalon’s choicest flats.

Through the summer, this five-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot property was ultimately chopped down to $899,900, but a sale never materialized. Which could be perceived as a head-scratcher, given the four-blocks-from-Piedmont-Park locale. And because the surrounding blocks are no stranger to $1M-plus sales for homes of this general size.

Maybe the abundance of grey (at last check, the dang chimney was grey) held this place back. Maybe it’s the parking situation listed as “driveway.” Or something else.

Beyond location, highlights include a wide porch, soaring foyer, and double-decker backyard deck. The reinvigorated fireplaces look lovely, too.