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Airy neo-Prairie in Decatur called ‘heaven,’ seeks $989K

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3,200 square feet and a carport that doubles as a “pavilion”

This Prairie-style new construction in Decatur excels at airy open spaces — including the carport, which is large enough that the listing agent says it can double as a "pavilion."

Which is a more enticing way of saying that $989,000 doesn’t buy a proper garage here.

Rather, it’s a party-ready "carage" or "garport," as we’ve seen pop up across this general part of town, due to home-size restrictions that don’t count carports toward the allowable square-footage total on lots. That may or may not be the case here.

Anyhow, fans of lofty ceilings, white-walled minimalism, double-sided fireplaces, works that vaguely echo Frank Lloyd Wright, and master bathrooms described as "super-sized" will likely find much to love with this five-bedroom project by Black Stone Construction.

The address is Decatur, but don’t go thinking that walkability to Leon’s and such will be a snap; this property’s buried in the leafy, hilly Druid Hills enclaves just south of Emory University, consuming a large corner lot down the street from freshly built Fernbank Elementary.

It clocks in with a not-outrageous 3,200 square feet (relative to true estates in the area, that is), incorporating a distressed-wood wall (not pictured) (note: this design element did not make the final cut, per the agent) and barn doors for rustic touches. The total is described as "heaven."