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Downtown Atlanta soccer pitch opens at Five Points MARTA Station

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Facility will provide free space for intown youth to learn and play

Five Points MARTA Station got a bit more engaging last week with the opening of a soccer pitch on the downtown hub’s plaza level.

According to Soccer in the Streets — the organization behind the new facility — the venue lays claim to being the world’s first soccer field in a train station.

Billed as “Station Soccer,” the venue features raked viewing stands, which for years had been inaccessible to station patrons. But it’s about more than recreation; the facility will allow for intown youth to participate in the sport and receive mentoring that will emphasize employability.

A press release hints at how these programs will be funded, noting “as part of its new push for expanding free youth programs, Soccer in the Streets is introducing adult leagues at Station Soccer, postulating a philanthropic side to competitive play. Every dollar spent by adult teams at Station Soccer will help fund youth programs, establishing a unique sustainability model.”

Adult leagues start in a few weeks, with sign-ups available through Soccer in the Streets. Sounds like a pretty fun way to help Atlanta youth, eh?