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Piedmont Hospital expansion bringing flashy new building to Peachtree Road

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The 16-story medical ward is a radical departure from the dated brick structure that dominates the complex now

Come January, Piedmont Hospital will begin the process of radically retooling its look on Peachtree Road.

A new hospital tower will begin construction, pushing the public face of the hospital toward Peachtree and Collier roads. Construction of the facility has been floated since earlier this year, with renderings released in March. Now, the sweeping glass tower has a start date and an identity, compliments of a press release by the hospital system.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Marcus Tower — named for benefactor Bernie Marcus — will stand 16 stories and contain 114 hospital beds, as well as inpatient and outpatient operating rooms.

The building is just part of a $603-million expansion plan for the hospital, which officials expect will be spread over the next decade. Currently, the facilities used by the hospital are showing their age, with almost half of the buildings on campus exceeding their life expectancy of 40 years.

While the January start will mark the demolition of the dated Sheffield building, it'll be a long time before the project is fully built out. Phase two of the tower won’t kick off until 2022, with one patient floor completed over each subsequent year. Two final floors are expected to be built out to complete the project in 2026.

Piedmont Hospital Coronary Care Unit

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