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Midtown land sale hints at possible start to high-profile Peachtree project

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Long-anticipated Eviva on Peachtree site trades for undisclosed amount

Recent land transactions could suggest that Eviva — a long-anticipated and boldly designed luxury residential building on Peachtree Street in the heart of Midtown — might actually be moving toward fruition. Finally.

NAI, a leader in commercial real estate, quietly announced the sale of 811 Peachtree St., just south of 6th Street, last month. This piece of land has long been slated for an eye-catching, 35-story apartment building designed by Perkins+Will.

Initially announced back in January 2014 (i.e., almost three years ago), the development promised a uniquely colorful, balcony-heavy structure, featuring 392 units. While the proposal was being floated by the Integral Group, it seems they may not have controlled the land; the news of the sale states that Integral Group has only now purchased the 1.4-acre tract.

The short report notes the project is slated to break ground this year, with completion in 2017, which sounds very optimistic. (Nonetheless, that popping sound is Atlanta development nerds and their bubbly. Eviva was voted the most appealing proposal in Atlanta in one highly scientific poll from 2014).

However, after innumerable delays and a few hints at progress, could this sale lay the groundwork for the project's true beginning? Or is it merely another false start?