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In Midtown, demolition pending for Coda sites at Tech Square

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The development will swallow two large parking lots, an old laneway, and two (more) buildings

Coda Tech Square Renderings
Coda: coming to a parking lot in Midtown.
Georgia Tech

Construction fences have gone up around two buildings on West Peachtree Street in preparation for bulldozers to descend on the Midtown site.

The former SunTrust branch at 760 West Peachtree St. and a dated three-story commercial building, just south of the bank, could soon be demolished. Permits to do so were lodged back in August.

Demolition will make way for the construction of Georgia Tech’s Coda project, encompassing 620,000 square feet of office space, 80,000 square feet of high performance computing space, complete with a large power station to serve the increased demand.

Down at street level, retail storefronts will take up 40,000 square feet, while an "outdoor living room" will swallow an additional 20,000 square feet.

Of course, the most controversial demolition on the site already occurred four years ago, when more than two-thirds of the historic Crum & Forster building met its untimely demise.

In addition to the buildings, the block-swallowing development will replace two parking lots and remove the final remnants of a laneway that splits the block of Spring and West Peachtree streets between 4th Street and Armstead Place.

With demolition moving forward this year, expect to see construction pushing ahead in '17