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Buckhead's Ga. Highway 400-topping park jumps latest hurdle

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With BCID approval, the project is now part of the master planning for the area

The once pie-in-the-sky proposal for building a park atop Ga. Highway 400 and the Buckhead MARTA station in the heart of commercial Buckhead is seeming more and more achievable.

The Buckhead Community Improvement District board voted 4-2 this week to approve continued planning for the park, according to Reporter Newspapers. Additionally, the initiative is going to be folded into the underway-matter planning for the district, known as "Buckhead Redefined," spearheaded by the ARC as a Livable Centers Initiative to take place later this month.

The vote allows for $340,000 to provide four months of study by Rogers Partners, the firm selected back in the spring to execute the design of the $200-million park.

This four-month phase will include things such as (deep breath!) parking and traffic studies, the analysis of legal implications, ways to involve the community in the process, cost concerns and tax implications as part of the funding strategies, potential economic impact, and finally how the entire thing will be engineered, the newspaper reports.

Renderings for the proposal were released this September — about 18 months after the idea was initially floated, and a year after the first vision of what the park could look like emerged.

Dissenting sentiments came from Robin Suggs — the voice for Simon Property Groups and their two properties Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza — who expressed concern at the scale of the project and increased taxes.

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