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Despite crickets, Oakhurst traditional isn’t budging at $950K

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Massive square footage and enhanced walkability haven’t done the trick

This sizable Craftsman on the southern fringes of Oakhurst came skipping onto the market last summer with a similar, slightly smaller, less bright-white neighbor. But unlike its five-bedroom brethren next door, this one’s been stingy in the price-chop department.

Listed since July at $950,000 (a price point that’s hardly abnormal for these parts anymore), this handsome, 4,238-square-foot goliath plays it safe from a design perspective, incorporating the coffered ceilings, open kitchen, and white-gray aesthetics that’ve proved successful for developers across Atlanta in recent years.

Along with coveted Decatur schools, it has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and walkability to three commercial districts — the Oakhurst Village, Downtown Kirkwood, and the "exciting new restaurants of Hosea + 2nd," as the agent puts it — for anyone with sneakers. The Walk Score stands at a paltry 51 but should improve.

For space-hungry homebuyers of Atlanta — or families of 15 — the high-points here would include the giant front and back porches (with fans), the finished basement, and guest suite. A growing contingent of intowners would argue that isn’t necessary, but to each his own.