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Another Atlanta church could soon be reborn as something else

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4.6-acre site across from Phipps Plaza could be enticing to many developers

That which is sacred isn’t always so sacred in the eyes of development.

According to Reporter Newspapers, the Wieuca Road Baptist Church — located on prime Peachtree Road real estate in Buckhead — is contemplating selling out to developers.

The church has occupied the 4.6-acre property since the 1950s, with the steeple serving as a neighborhood mainstay even as development has grown up around it. Now, Fulton County values the land and building at nearly $20 million, making a potential sale a lucrative (and likely enticing) option.

Standing across from the brand-new AC Hotel, the renovated Phipps Plaza, the nearly completed Domain at Phipps, and the underway 1000 Park Avenue, the church is surrounded by construction.

While the congregation offers little information beyond that they are exploring options for the site, internal documents indicate the congregation has been contemplating a move for more than a year, the newspaper reports.

If a sale does move forward, it wouldn’t be the first Buckhead church recently sold in the name of development. Just down the road, the Christian Church Buckhead will soon be demolished and replaced by a 386-unit apartment tower.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, churches from Decatur to Reynoldstown and beyond have been demolished or repurposed in this cycle.

More information, and a possible listing, could be available after the church meets on Oct. 16.

Oh, lord.

Wieuca Road Baptist Church

3626 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326