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Midcentury modern north of Atlanta 'embodies the pure essence of Sinatra'

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This groovy dwelling from '65 has 2,742 square feet and what's called a "rare" floorplan

The ongoing prowl for intriguing midcentury-modern properties in Atlanta leads once again to the Northcrest neighborhood near Spaghetti Junction.

Billed as many creative things in the listing — including a "modern crash pad that embodies the pure essence of Sinatra" — the 2,742-square-foot home was built in 1965.

The agent also boasts the floorplan is "one of the rarest" in the ATP (at the perimeter) neighborhood, which is filled with similar midcentury moderns.

Other selling points include 20-foot ceilings with a lofted den, tongue-and-groove original wood, a renovated kitchen with modern cabinetry, breakfast area, and a separate hot tub building in the backyard.

Current asking price is $369,900.

Traditionally, these Northcrest homes don’t last more than a week or two on the market, as our hard-hitting scientific analysis recently found.