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Miami, Chicago, & Forsyth?! High-end theater chooses interesting location

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CMX intends to bring third futuristic showplace in United States to Halcyon

A high-end movie theater chain with U.S. locations in Chicago and Miami has announced plans to open in “Atlanta.” But the exact location is a pretty big surprise.

Rather than choosing Midtown, Buckhead, or even booming Perimeter, CMX is opting to be the anchor tenant for Forsyth County development Halcyon.

According to a press release, the theater will feature 10 screens, with 500 luxury seats including full recliners with tables and service buttons, individual shelves for purses and shopping bags, and LED lighting.

Patrons will be able to order gourmet eats and “handcrafted cocktails” to round out the movie-going experience.

And if renderings are any indication, the exterior will really push the envelope as movie theaters go.

As the anchor for the expansive development, the theater will serve as a central focal point, with a two-story glass-enclosed lobby facing the heart of the retail district.

All told, Halcyon is slated to have almost half-a-million square feet of retail space, two hotels, 690 residential units, and plenty of walkable outdoor space.

CMX is expected to open in April 2018.