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In Midtown Atlanta, $3,300 rents this slick, tri-level condo

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But just a single parking space

Atlanta renters fed up with cramped micro living could find a suitable alternative at Midtown’s 905 Juniper building, where this tri-story unit offers convenient (and relatively rare) direct street access.

A set-up that encourages walking like that could be crucial for an Atlanta condo with just one dedicated parking space — unless a single person who likes room to roam (and can tackle the $3,300 monthly rent) should scoop up this two-bedroom.

That being said, this building is strategically located for alt-transit aficionados, with MARTA stations and bike lanes that lead toward the Beltline, downtown, and Georgia Tech in the vicinity.

Built in 2006 as one of Midtown’s pioneering ground-up condo ventures, 905 Juniper appears to have aged well, with a party pool deck that still holds its own among flashier new towers.

Inside this unit, nobody would call the kitchen "overwhelmingly large," and the functionality of some spaces (see: second-floor living room) is questionable. The top floor is reserved for the master suite, with its private balcony and bathroom touted as "luxurious."

One perk of living here, besides a firmer gluteus maximus: Along with basic services, the rent includes Internet and concierge convenience.