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Kirkwood subdivision called ‘Oak Park’ is half spoken for, before construction

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Prices climb up to $750K

On the site of a heated developer-verus-activists battle over ancient trees (spoiler: the builders prevailed), a crop of 10 Craftsman-style homes now has an official name and concrete price points in Kirkwood.

Up the street from Bessie Branham Park and a few blocks from Kirkwood’s commercial district, the homes of Oak Park will rise around a short cul-de-sac called Robson Court. Renderings show an idyllic community of flowering trees, golden sunsets, and abundant happiness.

According to developer Thrive Homes’ website, half of these houses are now under contract — before any have begun rising from the ground. Prices go as high as $750,000 for a six-bedroom offering with a smidgen over 3,000 square feet.

“Enjoy a stroll down the sidewalk to Bessie Branham Park, a cold beverage with a neighbor on your front porch, or a walk up to your favorite n'hood restaurant to meet friends,” the builder advises in promo materials.

The porch-happy, five-bedroom Craftsman seen below at 147 Norwood Ave. hit the market this week at $735,000, billed as an “artful American farmhouse.”

At last check, no Kirkwood house has broken the $700,000 barrier in recent years — and perhaps ever.

Elsewhere, this five-bedroom traditional is under contract at $699,000.