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Renderings: Georgia State’s Turner Field conversion concept

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The former baseball stadium — and Olympic stadium — will morph into a football coliseum

The former home of the Atlanta Braves will soon be the permanent lair for the Georgia State Panthers.

A redevelopment plan for the stadium and surrounding land has been approved to move forward. If all goes according to that plan, the football facility will feature around 23,000 seats — less than half of what is currently in Turner Field — with the ability to add an additional 10,000 later.

The cost to buy and develop the stadium parcels will come to just under $53 million, according to the AJC. Meanwhile, the rest of the property will go to Carter for development of an entire neighborhood of residences, retail, and other community functions, as per plans released previously.

Georgia State University plans to officially take ownership of the Turner Field property on Dec. 31, leaving just eight months to execute the transformation before fall football.

Plans call for Panthers football to kick-off in the stadium next season, even without the renovation fully realized. In the long run, expect major changes and upgrades for the former Turner Field. For now, the game plan is to get the baseball diamond football-ready.

A new website has popped up, too, highlighting GSU’s plans to create not only a new football venue, but an entire athletics complex, including a new baseball field on the site of the former Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

One last sports metaphor: With a short timeline and big aspirations, this could be a mad dash to the goal line.