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On Memorial Drive, Reynoldstown rentals begin at $1,320

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Which bags 596 square feet

Wedged between the Atlanta Dairies redevelopment — where “real construction” is promised any day now — and Fuqua’s latest mixed-use mini-city is this 80-unit Memorial Drive project where rental prices and floorplans have now emerged.

Getting a foot in the door at 841 Memorial in Reynoldstown will cost $1,320 monthly, which bags a 596-square-foot studio. On the other end, two-bedroom units span up to 1,212 square feet, with rents of $2,330 or more.

The five-story project finished this year. Developer Enfold Properties, who’s behind a pair of somewhat similar builds in Buckhead (Collier Lofts and Ardmore & 28th), promotes life at 841 Memorial as follows:

“Walk to five of Atlanta’s Top 40 restaurants, meet for a run at the Beltline or a nearby park or just watch everything unfold from your private balcony.”

It’s like millennial heaven up in here.

Other perks include what’s become standard: a dog walk, rooftop terrace and garden, storage units, electric-car chargers, et cetera. Below are some newish glimpses inside the homes and floorplans: