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Kirkwood ‘modern farmhouse,’ on market for weeks, seeks $549K

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Dwelling has four bedrooms, 2,568 square feet, two-car garage, no buyers

This brand-new "modern farmhouse" in Kirkwood hit the market 42 days ago, according to the listing, with a price of $549,900. It hasn't budged since.

In this real estate climate, a month and 1/2 might as well be an eternity — especially since this style of home is lately all the rage. So what gives?

Featuring four bedrooms, three and 1/2 bathrooms, and 2,568 square feet, this traditional-meets-contemporary dwelling is billed as a "picture perfect" home, with "bells and whistles accounted for ..."

There's a two-car garage and partial basement, and the listing describes the interior as having an open floor plan with hardwoods throughout, quartz and granite countertops, upgraded stainless steel appliances, a large private deck, fenced yard, and "additional flex space" upstairs.

In this southeastern section of Kirkwood, homes in the $1/2-million range aren't the norm, but they aren't unheard of, either. But at the current number, it appears this property might be trying to set the benchmark.