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EVIVA Peachtree in Midtown: Here’s the scoop on what to expect

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Developers: Second project will soon start at Assembly in Doraville, with possible additional towers in Midtown

While the proposal for EVIVA Peachtree has been floating around for years, a veil of mystery has surrounded details of what the stylish tower will actually be.

With construction slated to start soon at Peachtree and 6th streets on the Midtown Mile, the collective interest of Atlanta skyline watchers has been piqued — because they’re starved for architectural integrity.

For starters, EVIVA will now be a 32-story residential project, reduced three floors from initial plans. And it’s aiming to be swank.

Christopher Martorella, President of Commercial Real Estate for Integral Group, offered Curbed Atlanta a glimpse of what exactly EVIVA holds and shared details of the company’s bigger plans in the metro — and beyond.

A few takeaways:

  1. The unique name comes from “revival,” signifying the firm’s aspirations to create “great urban places,” according to Matt Samuelson, President of IntegralGude Program Management. No word on why consonants are being rationed.
  2. While prices are expected to be some of the highest per square foot in the city, floor plans will be more efficient than in many other surrounding buildings, and most units will feature large balconies to provide extra living space, making prices per unit aligned with other top-tier, well-located properties, according to developers.
  3. The large amenity deck with saltwater pool will be located on the south side of the “L” shaped building, above the adjacent 805 condo building, allowing for unobstructed views of the downtown skyline to the south.
  4. The Peachtree tower will stand 360 feet tall, far shorter than its neighbor to the north Viewpoint (501 feet tall). Developers say the total height represents an efficient floor-to-floor height and means that Viewpoint residents on the upper floors shouldn’t worry about losing their southern view.
  5. It turns out the Peachtree tower is just one of a brand of high-end properties Integral Group is beginning to deliver across the country. As work gets underway in Midtown, EVIVA projects — each with their own architectural flair to fit the context — are rising in Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities.
  6. It’s too early for details about possible retail on the street. And yes, these will all be rental units, not for-sale condos.

Meanwhile in the metro, it’s not just Midtown that will soon be getting an EVIVA.

Construction of a mid-rise version of the brand is slated to begin in the first quarter at Integral Group’s 165-acre mixed-use Assembly project in Doraville. The project will kick off the next wave of work on the MARTA-adjacent precinct; plans include restaurants, entertainment, retail, and office space. And developers said to look for infrastructural improvements and transit tie-ins coming soon.

Also, Integral Group is part of a team pursuing the space above Arts Center MARTA Station — with 6.2 acres available for development.

So Atlanta could see a few more EVIVA towers in Midtown down the road.