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Atlanta Beltline’s ‘first’ office building lands a tenant

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Co-working space and surface parking within the context of the Beltline

The Willoughby, heralded as the first purpose-built office building planned for the Atlanta Beltline, officially has lined up its first tenant.

According to a press release, Room to Work has leased one floor — nearly 15,000 square feet — in the building. The group plans to bring co-working space to the facility, meaning anyone interested will likely be able to snag a place to call home — or, well, office.

The announcement comes as the latest milestone in what has become a protracted timeline for completion. Announced way back in 2014, construction finally got underway about a year ago.

New renderings show a relatively restrained, almost suburban-style office building, complete with parking surrounding the first floor. The result could be called disappointing and a departure from a Beltline-appropriate design — one that would ideally emphasize pedestrian access over vehicles.

While the building is currently wedged between a radio mast tower and truck parking for Sunbelt Rentals, it’s likely the neighborhood will continue to change in the coming years. So it would have been nice to see the building attempt to be a catalyst for better things to come. (End rant).

With the first tenant spot filled, there’s still 45,000 square feet up for grabs, which does come with the bonus of a rooftop deck with sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline, as well as pretty enviable access to the Eastside Trail.

A stone’s throw from Historic Fourth Ward Skate Park, the four-story structure could be ideal for office dwellers who dig the amenities around Ponce City Market. And if rents are going for $20 per square foot as originally anticipated, this will be a far more cost-effective option, given the location, when compared to its historic brick neighbor.

Meanwhile, demolition work has already begun at the old Murder Kroger facility in preparation for construction of a large new office building — 725 Ponce. That building will stand three-times as tall as the Willoughby and contain six times the office space.