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Old Fourth Ward traditional with ‘designer’ interiors requests $580K

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With a 90 Walk Score to boot

This three-bedroom traditional on Old Fourth Ward’s Howell Street came about in a post-Olympics intown residential wave, but aspects of its interior are totally 2016.

Just north of Edgewood Avenue and maybe two blocks west of the Beltline (within smelling distance of Staplehouse), this property boasts a pristine 90 Walk Score, owing to the proximity of Krog Street Market, bus stops, and likely two MARTA stations.

That’s a high number for an Atlanta house not in Midtown, and especially one with a two-car garage.

Overall, the place is touted as a “designer house” with a new kitchen and bathroom, though only one bathroom is pictured in the scant listing photos.

Beyond the snazzy furnishings you’ll see rustic built-in shelving around the fireplace, a fluorescent-blue back splash, cable railings, and Edisons aplenty. The elevated back deck seems a tad tight, but the cozy front porch could compensate.

The house counts 2,040 square feet and asks an even $580,000.