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Top 15 Atlanta TripAdvisor observations from visitors, locals

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Recent remarks run the gamut — from the complimentary to the neurotic

Perception is reality, right? So the perception of Atlanta through the eyes Internet commenters must be a distorted but often hilarious version of reality.

Below is a list of observations from both visitors and locals around Atlanta who have decided to chime in semi-anonymously on that great aggregator of public opinion: TripAdvisor. Enterprising reporters recently stumbled on the travel site and found some real jewels pertaining to the ATL.

This selection of (raw, uncorrected for spelling or grammar) quotes and reviews comes from the haters and cheerleaders alike of some of Atlanta’s most famous and not-so-famous attractions in no particular order, starting with the Late Ted:

1. "Watched an end of season game that was only made bearable by the availability of alcohol."

Turner Field, reviewed five weeks ago by Jonathan B


2. "Turner Field has provided us with many great family experiences over the years. We are a baseball loving family and so sad to see that Turner Field will no longer have baseball games."

Turner Field, reviewed Oct. 6 by StacieinAtlanta


3. "I've never seen a place like this before. This is full of interactive exhibits filled with technology and experiences that are fun for the whole family. A little history on the game, coaches, lessons about leadership, and the actual hall area is very innovative and cutting edge."

College Football Hall of Fame, reviewed yesterday by John C


4. "The smell is overwhelming. There were a lot of different species and nicely located, I just could not get past the fishy smell and the restaurant smell blending together."

Georgia Aquarium, reviewed yesterday Martine B


5. "My favorite aquarium in the US was the Baltimore aquarium...before I went here! This place is magical!! So much to see and do! The whale sharks are just breath-taking."

Georgia Aquarium, reviewed three days ago by Specterpony


6. "It's a little slice of the old Greenwich Village NY come to the ATL. Record and books stores side-by-side with tattoo shops and hole-in-the-wall places to eat and drink. Musicians and homeless folks dot the streets but it's like a time-machine to the late 60s."

Little Five Points, reviewed Sept. 29 by Atlanta Madman


7. "Use to be the spot to come party, shop and hang out with friends. Like all great areas they've priced themselves out of affordability. Now all that has moved to Midtown area. Still some great restaurants in the area but on the higher side."

Buckhead, reviewed two weeks ago by wick 1979


8. "This place is a GEM, located in the heart of Atlanta. We made it just in time for the story-telling and the last tour. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the house, family, writer, and the era of the Civil War."

Wren’s Nest, reviewed Sept. 24 by IDavid Y


9. "This gem in Atlanta just keeps getting better. With some of the best eateries and locals in Atlanta the heart and soul really shines. From their festivals and architecture to the eateries, shops and all-around aura, you can tell people that live, work and play around this place really love it!"

Inman Park, reviewed Sept. 15 by RH


10. "Love seeing shows at the Fox. We recently went to see a show there again. I am always in awe of the beauty of this theatre."

Fox Theatre, reviewed yesterday by Lori H


11. "The Chihuly exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden was beautiful and well worth seeing. The planning for the large crowds was not! When we went to eat they were out of everything but hot dogs and then had only 2 buns left. I was 4th in line. Finally they found more buns."

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, reviewed two weeks ago by LittleGrizzle


12. "We visited the Gardens at night in November for the opening of the Christmas lights display. AMAZING! I've never been to a light display with as much detail and abundance!"

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, reviewed yesterday by Toni K


13. "Midtown ATL. What isn't there to love? Atlantic Station embodies everything that midtown Atlanta stands for. Shopping, Lunching and Dining, People Watching, Working Out, Watching Movies and Hanging Out."

Midtown, reviewed three weeks ago by Daron F


14. "My brother took the in the museum, Jimmy Carter was not my favor President but he accomplished a lot, his heart was in the right place, was disappointed that they didn't have a Billy Beer Can."

Jimmy Carter Library and Museum, reviewed three days ago by Steve G


15. "Dinosaurs and IMax theater: what's not to like? This place can accommodate a lot of families with children and still not seem overcrowded. Staff is available to help educate kids and they enjoy it. Large outdoor area for walking or playing for younger children."

Fernbank, reviewed yesterday by Cordial1



"We walked all around looking for something. In the words of Hercules...."DISAPPOINTED!!!!" Walk through it to get to the World of Coke."

Centennial Olympic Park, reviewed by Joe D of Indiana a year ago



"I was hoping to have an enjoyable outing with my family, only to run into a lot of inconvenience, a complete, stinking mess at the venue and poorly managed crown control. - Port-o-potties with human poo smeared across the walls, in several units!! - Miss-directed line control caused the families excessive delays - Large groups of rowdy guests, totally intimidating..."

Centennial Olympic Park, reviewed by Tim F in May this year